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Liao Liao Culture LTD Intern positions


Opportunity for hard working, reliable candidates at online dance music magazine, radio shows, live webcast and digital music labels. The experience and insight into the business and industry will be invaluable for broadening the students resume and particularly if they are interested in a media or music career.


Company Description


Built upon organic fundamentals of hard work, innovation and perseverance, Liao Liao Culture LTD have developed Quickly growing into a leading online music magazine produced in both English and Mandarin, exposing new release music from the worlds leading artists and record labels of Disco, House and Techno. Having grown organically out of a couple of small radio shows, is now a fully fledged online music magazine now with its own live weekly DJ webcast. It is also home to online digital music label’s Fruit Of Life and Flower Of Life. was founded in August 2012 and is headquartered in Kaohsiung City.


Internship basic info


Liao Liao Culture LTD is looking for a savvy Social Media Intern, to help us brand our company and engage with our fan base. The Internship Program encourages a mutually beneficial environment where students gain practical skills through meaningful tasks and learn about the inner-workings of our various business operations and is strengthened by the skills and talent students bring to our teams.


Primary responsibilities will include the translation of pre released music promotional material, and social media marketing. This is a super opportunity for a student or recent graduate to gain experience and learn about online marketing, production across a variety of multi media formats and the workings of a small independent record label. Special accommodation will be made for team meetings and brain storming sessions at our headquarters near central park in Kaohsiung. This internship is flexible in terms of hours and duration.


You will be an integral part of our team!



Social Media Developer


Responsibilities including…


⁃  Create postings and post to Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogs, etc.

⁃  Develop email blasts, print and digital ads.

⁃  Research top social media bloggers/influencers and evaluate their level of influence.

⁃  Research people and companies relevant for and brainstorm creative ways to reach them.

⁃  Analyze and track success of social media programs with analytic or social media monitoring tools.

⁃  Research events and social media opportunities that could help promote

⁃  Stay up-to-date on new social media trends to bring new ideas to the table.

⁃  Other duties as assigned.



Mandarin Speaking Radio Host


Responsibilities including…


⁃  Translation of English script into Manadrin.

⁃  Present/hosting of 2 online radio shows.



English to Mandarin Translators


Responsibilities include…


⁃  Translation of new release music press release from English into Mandarin.

⁃  Translation of Adverts and other promotional material



Trainee Radio DJ/Host’s


Training includes…


⁃  Production and mixing of Radio shows using Ableton Live software

⁃  Composition of Radio script.



General requirements for all positions


⁃  Competencies: Communication skills, creativity, innovation, interpersonal savvy, and time management.

⁃  Good understanding of English is essential

⁃  Work independently and as part of a team

⁃  Excellent follow-through

⁃  Knowledge of WordPress is a plus

⁃   Understanding of and Interest in Music, website design, the internet and social media



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